General Admission


Constitutional carry / weapons training class: $85 – scroll down this page

First Responder, Nurses, Teachers: $75 – register here

Groups / Special classes: negotiable – click this link

If you are interested in attending a Constitutional Carry with weapons training class, GREAT! Use the calendar below to see available class days. Click a date that fits your schedule, enter your details, provide a payment, and a seat will be reserved for you. We can’t wait to see you in class!

**REMINDER** You will need to bring government issued ID, a handgun, 20 rounds of ammunition for your handgun, close-toed shoes, and eye/ear protection. If you don’t have eye or ear protection, they can be rented from the shooting range.

*Range fees, fingerprints, and background check are included at no extra cost.

Goals and what to expect

You can expect to be given a down to earth explanation and examples of South Carolina’s Constitutional Carry/Concealed Weapons laws and weapons safety. You will learn when to legally use deadly force, what laws are applicable, where you can legally carry a firearm to include which places are prohibited. What are your rights and requirements while carrying a firearm and what to do and say if you approached by law enforcement?

You will also receive instruction on the basic types of firearms and how they work. Differences between a revolver and a semi-automatic and their function. Different calibers and size of weapons and why does it matter. Which holster do you use, do you need a holster and where/when can you carry in your vehicle.

You will receive guidance on proper stance, posture, head position, eye sight, sight picture and trigger squeeze. Get particle live fire instruction to put all these elements together in case of an emergency.